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The Customer Edge is a new community that provides you with a convenient, relevant way to re-examine and re-strategize the customer experience you provide to your customers.  Through a regular webisode program, social engagement and collaboration, this community arms you  with an opportunity to learn from the latest trends, to take advantage of the latest tools and thinking around the customer experience, and to help you stay informed, inspired and motivated with insight, analysis and more!

Episode 1 - Thursday, March 28
th @ 3pm ET

We are in the middle of a customer revolution, where the customer has the power.  As a result - there is a fundamental shift afoot in the way customers engage with companies.  They are in pursuit of the whole experience, and not just the end product or service.  This shift creates an opportunity for you...
  • The Market Perspective: Customer Experience from Analyst Paul Greenberg
  • The Business Perspective:  Jim Goldfinger, Head of CVN, and customer Kiran Koons from Bentley Systems
  • Spotlight:  SAP 360 Customer Solution from Volker Hildebrand, Global VP CRM Solution Management
  • CRM Cutting Edge: Jamie Anderson's top three things to know about the CRM for 2013
  • Plus - Live Chat with our experts on Twitter by using #CustEdge
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Paul Greenberg (Analyst)

In addtion to being the author of the best-selling CRM book, at the Speed of Light, Paul Greenberg is President of The 56 Group, LLC, and a founding partner of BPT Partners. He has developed broad CRM strategies and programs for a significant number of larger enterprises and worked with them from inception of the idea of a CRM strategy through vendor selection when needed.

Paul was elected to CRM magazine’s CRM Hall of Fame in 2010 – the first non-vendor related thought leader in its history. His blog, PGreenblog ( has been #1 rated by multiple groups from 2005-10. He now also writes the CRM blog for high profile technology media property, ZDNET (

Butch Stearns (Host)

Responsible for the company’s Enterprise Social TV studio and production team, Butch brings more than two decades of TV and Radio sports broadcasting experience, along with extensive sports marketing and sales experience. His broadcasting experience includes WFXT-TV Fox 25 Boston, Comcast Sportsnet New England, WMAQ-TV (NBC) Chicago, KAAL-TV (ABC), WEEI Boston, WDFN Detroit, KFAN Minneapolis, and the Sporting News Radio Network. 

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