Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration

There are two exhibitor badge types, Exhibitor Badge and the Exhibitor Conference Badge.


Exhibitor Badge:
Used for company personnel that will be working your show booth. There is no cost for Exhibitor Badges. To order Exhibitor Badges you will need your booth number and zip code used to invoice your booth space.

Exhibitor Conference Badge:
For exhibiting personnel who also want to attend educational sessions during the event. Each exhibiting company is awarded an allotment of complimentary exhibitor conference badges, based on the booth size in the event. Additional exhibitor conference badges can be ordered at the prevailing registration price.
  • 100-300 sq. ft. 1 Complimentary Exhibitor Conference Badge
  • 400-700 sq. ft. 2 Complimentary Exhibitor Conference Badges
  • 800-1,300 sq. ft. 3 Complimentary Exhibitor Conference Badges
  • 1,400-2,400 sq. ft. 4 Complimentary Exhibitor Conference Badges
  • 2,500 + sq. ft. 5 Complimentary Exhibitor Conference Badges

To order Exhibitor Conference badges, you will need a source code. This code was given to the Point of Contact from your company. To continue, please click here.

If you need assistance, please contact Bernice Alcantar at balcantar@rocexhibitions.com or at 630-271-8230.

Please note: Badges will not be mailed. Email confirmation will be sent within 24 hours.