The Customer Edge - At Your Service: Winning the Heart of the 21st Century Customer
October 22nd, 2013 @ 8am PT | 11am ET | 4pm GMT


Hansen Lieu
Director of CRM
Product Marketing

Shep Hyken
Customer Service
Speaker, Expert, & Author

Krissy Espindola
Director, Knowledge
Management & Social Customer Support
T-Mobile USA

Brent Leary
Co-founder & Partner
of CRM Essentials

Your customers live in the moment - relying on social media and mobile devices to interact with friends, make purchases, share opinions... and seek help when facing a problem.  Companies who recognize this changing behavior are seeing the opportunity to build advocacy through excellent customer service.  They are turning to the latest technology and tools to help them win the heart and mind of their customers.

So what can companies do to boost their service game and turn their customers from frustrated followers to fervent fans?  Join our leading panel of enthusiastic customer service experts to learn about:
  • Customer Service and Social Media: The latest trends of customer service professionals serving today's digital customer.
  • Social Customer Engagement Index, 2013 - highlights from the latest survey study by Social Media Today, and the implications for Customer Service organizations.
  • The T-Mobile approach: Learn how T-Mobile USA is applying a three-step approach to social media to protect their brand and nurture advocates by listening to the market, engaging prospects and customers, and resolving issues to deliver a great experience.
  • Five tactical areas of customer amazement - tip on how to re-focus on stellar customer service to elevate your company from "good" to "great".
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